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Explains the basics of the Visix digital signage system in use at Grainger Hall.


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About Visix 1.17: Visix is the digital signage system that we use at WSB to post information to monitors installed in the Atrium, the Learning Commons, and elsewhere in Grainger Hall.

The Visix system includes

  • hardware installed behind or near the monitors with software that runs the displays ("AxisTV Engage"),
  • a central server with software enabling remote control of the displays through a web client ("AxisTV Manage"),
  • and a downloadable software component used to customize the appearance of displays ("AxisTV Design").

Most tasks that we perform can be done entirely through AxisTV Manage. We have divided this content in multiple KB documents, so you can explore each task your convenience.

AxisTV Manage Tasks:

Click the link to go to the specific article.

Visix Help:

For further information concerning specific tasks or if faced with a technical problem, please consult our Visix Help page. This page contains reference links to the Visix User Guide as well as other Visix tech support resources.

Previous Version:

If you are looking for information concerning the version of Visix used at WSB before 2019, please click here. Note that this older software package is still in use for the Learning Commons displays; the displays in the West Atrium, the cafeteria, outside the Plenary, and associated with the donor wall are running the new system. These statements are true as of April 2019.