AT - Visix 1.17 Updating Displays

Explains the process used to manage the displays at WSB.


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We have an established procedure set up to quickly schedule new slides to the monitors in the West and East Atria. This article will guide you through the steps needed to put a 16:9 slide in .ppt, .pdf, or .png format into the existing rotation, scheduling it to come on either immediately or at a future date and time, and to leave the rotation at a future date and time.

More information about this topic is available in the Visix User Guide page about scheduling media to message playlists. Step 1: Convert to correct format If your slide is not in .pdf or .png format, or is not 16:9, it cannot be used. Slides are often submitted in .ppt format, in which case it is best to open the file in Powerpoint, then go to File and Export as a .pdf. If a slide has been submitted in 4:3 format, it may be possible to correct it to 16:9 with Adobe Photoshop by adding black sidebars. It is not acceptable to alter the aspect ratio, because this will distort the image. Step 2: Log in to AxisTV Manage Log in to AxisTV Manage as described on the Login page.

Step 3: Open the Atrium Monitor Slides playlist

Once you have logged in, you will be sent to the Overview screen.

There exists a message playlist named "Atrium Monitor Slides" which contains our current rotation of slides. The Visix hardware associated with each Atrium monitor has been set to an appropriate layout which draws slides from this message playlist to display. The displays refresh from the server every 15 minutes, taking whatever slides are in Atrium Monitor Slides; it is sufficient to modify the contents of this playlist to update all of the monitors.

To access this playlist, click on the hamburger menu in the top left corner and select Playlists. By default, you will be sent to the Message Playlists screen. The Atrium Monitor Slides Playlist will appear here; select the pencil icon on the right of the playlist name.

Step 4: Schedule the media file

Now you will see the contents of the message playlist, including all the slides currently playing. On the right side of the screen, open the Schedule tab (it is open by default) and click Media File. You will be taken to the file upload screen. Locate the file (.pdf or .png) in your computer and upload it. Now, you will be presented with options to select the transition for this slide and its duration; the defaults (cut and 7 seconds) are okay. On the right hand side of the screen, choose "Add to end" and click Finished.