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Multi-Fader Playback with VLC

The WSUM Studios are set up to have playback from the host computer to the console on multiple channels. This article will help explain how to use VideoLan Client [VLC] to send audio to multiple faders.

Host Computer audio devices

The WSUM workstations provided in WSUM studios are capable of multiple channels of audio recording and playback to and from the mixing console. All of these audio devices appear as separate audio devices in Windows as well as editing programs like Adobe Audition and Sony Sound Forge.

Playback Devices

All studio host computers [except master control] are set up with eight [8] stereo output channels. Each of these channels can be brought up on the mixing console as separate channels for discrete mixing. While only two of the channels show up on the console with the default profile, the others can be added by assigning additional sources as described in the Assigning a Fader Channel document.
 Windows 7 Adobe Audition (Audio Driver: Axia ASIO) Mixer Console Source Name
Livewire Out 01 [default] [01S] Livewire 1 Left computer
Livewire Out 02
[02S] Livewire 2 Left comp 02
Livewire Out 03 [03S] Livewire 3 Left comp 03
Livewire Out 04 [04S] Livewire 4 Left comp 04
Livewire Out 05 [05S] Livewire 5 Left comp 05
Livewire Out 06 [06S] Livewire 6 Left comp 06
Livewire Out 07 [08S] Livewire 7 Left comp 07
 Livewire Out 08 [02S] Livewire 8 Left comp 08

Record Devices

The studio consoles can mix audio to multiple outputs. The outputs route back to the computer as follows...
 Windows 7 Adobe Audition (Audio Driver: Axia ASIO) Mixer Console Source Name
Livewire In 01 [01S] Livewire 1 Left Program 1
Livewire In 02
[02S] Livewire 2 Left Program 2
Livewire In 03 [03S] Livewire 3 Left Program 3
Livewire In 04 [04S] Livewire 4 Left Program 4
Livewire In 05 [05S] Livewire 5 Left Aux 1
Livewire In 06 [06S] Livewire 6 Left Aux 2
Livewire In 07 [08S] Livewire 8 Left Aux 3
Livewire In 08 [02S] Livewire 2 Left Aux 4

VLC Shortcuts

All host computers will have a link on the desktop to a folder containing shortcuts to launch VLC media player. 
By using the respective links, a VLC player can be opened and attached to their respective faders. 

Note: The player windows will all look the same.  Please be sure to know which player is which by where you place the window on your screen.

Once the player window is open, the playlist window can be opened with the indicated button.

Tip: Use Comp 02 and Comp 03 for playback to air, then Computer (as the Windows Default) can be used in preview for web pages and other applications.

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