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Cellular Uplink Router

WSUM owns a Verizon 4G cellular modem and a router for supplying an Internet connection for remotes.


The WSUM cellular modem and router are available for checkout in a small case which contains the following equipment.
  • Pelican 1170 case PelicanCase.JPG
  • Cradlepoint MBR1200 router CradlepointRouter.JPG
  • Leader Electronics power supply for Cradlepoint Router PowerSupply.JPG
  • Verizon Pantech 4G cellular modem VerizonModem.jpg


The WSUM remote cellular router is a 4G router which will create a local network either via wired ethernet connection or wireless netowork.  When connected with either a wired Internet uplink or with the 4G modem, the router will allow devices and computers connected to access the Internet for the purpose of remote links to the WSUM Studio.

When used with both a wired connection and the 4G modem, the Cradlepoint router will favor the wired Internet uplink for connections and should the wired uplink fail, the router will use the Verizon cellular network for Internet connection.
  1. Plug in the router power supply and plug in to the router.
  2. Plug in the Verizon modem into USB1
  3. Connect the BLUE ethernet port to an Internet uplink if available
  4. Plug remote mixer or devices into ORANGE wired ethernet ports
  5. Turn on the router power switch
  6. Connect laptops to wired connection OR the "WSUM Mobile" wireless network.  The password for the wireless modem is written on the top of the router.

As long as the remote mixer or device is set to "Ethernet Port" for streaming interface and the network connections has DHCP enabled, the remote device should be ready to connect to the studio.

When done, please be careful to make sure all components are packed clean and neat into the case for returning to WSUM.

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