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Yellowtec Microphone Recorders

The Yellowtec Microphone is a high-end portable flash recorder for field audio recording.


The Yellowtec microphone recorder contains the following components in a check-out case.
  • Pelican 1150 case
  • Yellowtec microphone base (with 2gig SD card)
  • BeyerDynamic microphone capsule
  • mini usb cable
  • USB charger
  • Euro power adapters (2)
  • Car Charger USB adapter


The Yellowtec mics are high-quality flash recorders that are easy to use in the field as they are in the shape of a microphone.  The Yellowtecs have an internal rechargeable battery and can also accept three AA batteries for additional power for extended recording in the field.  

Note: Please check the recorder out early in order to properly charge the microphone before use. Also verify that the flash card is clear of prior data and ready to record.


  1. Carefully remove the mic body and the mic head from the case.  
  2. Screw the mic head to the top of the mic body carefully.


When plugged into USB power, the BAT indicator will flash Yellow to indicate that the internal battery is charging.  The recorder is charged when the BAT light stops flashing.

SD Card

The SD card will insert fully into the bottom of the recorder. The slot is spring loaded, so pressing the inserted card will allow the card to be removed. DO NOT FORCE THE SD CARD.

Powering the Recorder

The recorder can be powered on by pressing and holding the RED RECORD button AND the small white square STOP button on the rear of the mic for one second. A green flashing REC LED will indicate a proper boot procedure followed by a red flashing MEM LED indicating the memory checks out.
Once the memory checks, the REC LED will start to flash every two seconds to indicate that the recorder is ready to record.


  • Once the recorder is powered, the front REC and STOP buttons can be used to start and stop recording. The REC LED will go solid to indicate that the recorder is recording. 
  • The record levels are automatic and can be monitored by plugging headphones into the green 1/8" socket at the bottom of the mic. 
  • A record marker can be inserted into the recording by pressing the red record button during an active record. This does not interrupt the recording.
  • Stop the recording by pressing the white square STOP key. The MEM LED will blink red when the recorder is recording the audio recording to the flash card.

Turning the recorder off

The recorder can be turned off by pressing and holding both the front and rear white square STOP keys for about a second. All indicators will turn off.


Playback can be monitored by plugging headphones into the green 1/8" jack on the bottom of the recorder. When the recorder is turned on, the bottom playback buttons can be used to step through the recordings.

USB Connection

When plugged into a USB port on a computer and turned on, the contents of the flash card will be made available to the computer as a removable disk and should automatically open a window.  It may take up to a minute for the recorder to be found by the computer, but it should be automatic.  The audio will be contained in a folder called iXm organized by date.

Note: These recorders should not be stored with AA batteries in the body. Please remove batteries before storage. It will be considered a courtesy to charge the recorder's internal battery for the next user.

Note: Please clear all data from the flash card before storage. Please leave the mic ready for others to use.

User Software

Each WSUM Workstation should have the iXm User Software installed. Use this software to change the parameters and settings of the flash recorder. To connect the flash recorder to the software for configuration, while the recorder is connected to the computer and the flash drive is visible, press and hold the stop and forward buttons at the same time until the MEM light goes red. The drive will disappear until the same key combination turns the mic back to flash mode after configuration.

See iXm documentation for more details.

Note: If you change settings, please return them to default before the mic is returned to storage! This will assure a grab-and-go record for the next user if necessary.

Quick Start Guide

For additional information, please download and print the attached QuickStart Guide.

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