WSUM Station Manager

The WSUM Station Manager is an annual, paid student staff position at WSUM Student Radio. The Station Manager of WSUM maintains and improves the effectiveness of the radio station according to its vision, mission and goals through the following responsibilities and duties. The Station Manager is accountable to the students who comprise WSUM, the General Manager and – ultimately – the Board of Regents. The Station Manager is responsible for ensuring the on-air and off-air success of the station and that the student management team functions effectively.


  • Promote WSUM philosophy and services;
  • Administer and direct all off-air activities, especially including the administrative infrastructure (except those areas administered and directed by the General Manager);
  • Develop and maintain connections with other campus organizations;
  • Maintain frequent interaction and communication with WSUM staff, directors/managers and committee members;
  • Perform such other duties as are incumbent upon the Station Manager or as assigned by the General Manager.


  • Chair of Student Management and All-Station meetings.
  • Guide the establishment, implementation and achievement of WSUM annual goals; the budgetary planning, implementation and the evaluation of WSUM off-air initiatives and programs.
  • Serve as a member of the WSUM Governance Board and Friends of Madison Student Radio.
  • Represent (or appoint a WSUM representative) on all University committees for which WSUM student representation is required.
  • Develop and maintain working relations with the student government, the Department of Life Sciences Communication office and the Friends of Madison Student Radio.
  • Assist in the annual review of WSUM organizational structure.
  • Actively pursue cultural diversity and integrity within WSUM and its departments.
  • Assist in the recruitment and the selection of WSUM paid student staff. 
  • Serve on the Application Review Board of the Governance Board.
  • Uphold the WSUM By-laws and actively participate in the review and implementation of WSUM Station Manual as well as department policies and procedures.
  • Recruit WSUM staff.  Guide the Talk, Music and Promotions directors in developing and implementing their agendas.  Help to guide the genre teams and monitor their progress.
  • Assist General Manager in the presentation of the annual budget proposal to Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC).
  • Carry out those duties assigned by General Manager and/or the Governance Board.


The Station Manager sets the tone for WSUM staff.  You are expected to set an example, be accessible, and to lead the station forward by creating opportunities for involvement, inspiring junior staff members to empower students in their departments, resolve challenges as they arise, and lead strategic planning as to how WSUM can better meet its mission.

The Station Manager must be committed to WSUM’s core values as expressed in its Mission Statement.

In summary:

  • WSUM will act in a service and outreach capacity for the students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and people of Madison and surrounding communities.  The Station Manager shall lead, support and assist the student staff in the development of strong ties to these communities.
  • WSUM will provide an educational environment and valuable hands-on experience.  The Station Manager will support the General Manager in efforts to establish curricular connections and will support the Program Director in training on-air personnel.  Overall, the Station Manager will support the educational needs and goals of students in an environment where curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular student learning is valued. 
  • WSUM will also provide an alternative source of music and information programming to the campus and community.   The Station Manager is expected to encourage, empower and support the Program Director and on-air staff in their efforts to offer alternatives to mainstream music and mainstream points of view as part of WSUM programming.

The Station Manager is an elected position, at the discretion of the WSUM Governance Board.  The elected person must be confirmed by the Governance Board, which only overrides that choice in extreme cases.  WSUM seeks candidates with on-air experience, leadership potential, co-curricular involvement and life experiences.  The staff and management of WSUM subscribe to all applicable policies and procedures governing Equal Employment Opportunities.  WSUM’s continuing policy is to afford equal opportunity to qualified individuals for employment and/or advancement regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, ancestry, veteran or marital status, native language, political affiliation, or any other arbitrary factor that has no relevance to participation in station activities.  In hiring, the station shall also conform to all other applicable laws and regulations. This policy of equal opportunity covers all aspects of employment.


The Station Manager position requires a significant time commitment.  This position is not a grant or a fellowship; it is a management position that requires the staff person to be available for a variety of hours during the week, some at night and some on weekends.  Being available to students is a critical element in the successful performance of the position’s responsibilities.  Assisting in leading all-station and student management meetings is required throughout the calendar year.  It is paid on a lump sum appointment basis.  The Station Manager can expect to commit to approximately 20 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, with a 8HR/Day limit.  During some weeks this person will experience greater demands on their time than others.


The election season opens on the second Friday in October, the election is held the first Wednesday in November.  The selected candidate takes office as early as the first day of January and no later than the Tuesday before the onset of Spring Semester classes.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is in addition to the expectations laid out in the WSUM by-laws.

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