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Contributing Music to the WSUM Archive

Music submissions to the WSUM Music archive must meet certain expectations for metadata content or audio will not be accepted for consideration.

If you are seeking to record audio at WSUM, please refer to  the How to record audio in the WSUM Studios document.


The tags (think ID3 in .mp3) in a file are what is known as metadata.  Metadata in files being stored on a humongous drive like the M: drive allows the computers to help us keep track of all of this stuff. When adding a track or album (cd) for permanent placement in WSUM Music, here are the guidelines which are expected to be followed.  Failure to properly tag will likely result in your submission being deleted.

From CD to WSUM

Submitting music from a CD is super-easy at the WSUM studios. The default settings for all accounts should allow the quickstart example to work, otherwise follow the following settings.

Note: While these instructions will work with the guest logins at WSUM, if you plan to contribute a lot of music, please log into the workstation as yourself or ask for an account from traffic.


  1. Select "Rip Audio from CD using dBpoweramp CD Ripper"


  2. Press Rip



Take the time right now to fill out:
  • Artist
  • Album
  • ALL Tracks
Failure to enter this info or to label ALL submitted tracks will result in the whole album being deleted.

File Format

The preferred format for all music content is Apple Lossless.  All tracks ripped from CD should use Apple Lossless.  When ripping CD's with dBpoweramp, please use the Secure Ripping Method under Options.  The AccurateRip option is also desirable.


Metadata & Tags

Selecting the Meta tab at the bottom of the window will present the available metadata for a particular album or track highlighted in the window above.


The Bold tags are the tags which will write to the file.


All uploaded media to be considered for airplay needs to be MIXED DOWN and posted in the M:\_UPLOADS_ folder. The default dBpoweramp profile [WSUM Upload] will automatically rip all CD audio to the M:\_UPLOADS_\_Ripped Music_ folder. (If you prefer to keep audio local and not contribute, switching to the (default) dBpoweramp Profile will put ripped audio in your My Music folder.)


Additionally, sending an e-mail to the WSUM Program Director is going to help see your audio get processed much faster.

Live Music

If you have recorded live audio which you would like to have preserved in the WSUM archives, it must be air-quality production.  Raw recordings will not be accepted. Please follow the guidelines on How to record audio in the WSUM Studios when prepairing your contribution. For Live Sessions recorded at WSUM, please mix the files down on a track by track basis. Tracks should be numbered in order of performance and with the track name as the filename, IE; 01-The Bix Mix.m4a.  All contributed tracks should be placed in a folder named with the date and the name of the band and placed in the M:\_UPLOADS_\_Live Music_ folder. This will yeild a contributed track like;
M:\_UPLOADS_\_Live Music_\Booger Snots 12-20-2011\01-The Bix Mix.m4a
It would also be a good idea to e-mail the Live Music coordinator to let them know something has been contributed.

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