UW-Madison Google Workspace - Subscribe to or unsubscribe from a Google Group

This document explains how to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a Google Group.



There are two ways to subscribe to a Google Group:

  • Option 1: Use the Google Group’s web interface

    1. Log into your UW-Madison Google Workspace account.
    2. Go to https://groups.google.com
    3. In the box at the top of the page, you may browse available groups.
    4. Search for the name of the preferred group and click on the group name.
      • Note: If the group you are searching for is set to private, you will not be able to find it.
    5. Click Join group or Ask to join group. If neither appears, contact the group owner to join the group. To see if group owner contact information is available, on the left, click About. Contact information is displayed in the Owners section if the group's options are set to display this.
    6. Wait for approval from the group's owner.
  • Option 2: Email the Google Group

    1. Send an email to groupname+subscribe@g-groups.wisc.edu. (Substitute groupname with the address of the group you'd like to join.)
    2. Within a minute or two, you'll receive an email that includes steps to confirm your membership.
    3. Log into your UW-Madison Google Workspace account, not your personal Google account, to complete the steps provided in the membership email.

Note: For restricted-membership groups, the group owner will need to approve your subscription request before you can join.

Please see Google Groups Help for more information.


There are multiple ways to unsubscribe from a Google Group. Custom Groups, Class Groups, and Advisor Groups can not be unsubscribed from - see option 4. Please view your options below:

  • Option 1: Reply to an email from the group with REMOVE ME as the subject of your message.
  • Option 2: Send an email to wiscgroupname+unsubscribe@g-groups.wisc.edu.

    • Example: If you want to leave the wiscgroupname@g-groups.wisc.edu, you can remove yourself by sending a blank email to wiscgroupname+unsubscribe@g-groups.wisc.edu .
  • Option 3: Send a blank email (no text in the body of the message) with the subject line: "Unsubscribe" to the group's email address.

  • Option 4: Leave the group.

    • Log into your UW-Madison Google Workspace account.
    • Click My Groups, then click on the name of the group you want to edit.
    • Choose the group you want to leave and choose an option. To stay in the group but stop getting emails, under Subscription, select No email. To leave the group and stop getting emails, click Leave group and then Yes, leave group.

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