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The following document will walk you through why you are seeing an unlaunched site banner message in your dashboard and will provide the steps for how to schedule your site launch.

In this document:

Launched vs Unlaunched

A site is considered "unlaunched" while it is still set to a *.wiscweb.wisc.edu URL (for example, https://train.wiscweb.wisc.edu). During this time your site is considered in progress and is hidden from search engines such as Google. When your site is "launched," it will be set to your requested domain name (for example, https://registrar.wisc.edu or https://ucedd.waisman.wisc.edu/) and search engines will be able to crawl your site. When your site is unlaunched, you will see the following image at the top of your main Dashboard screen.

Banner that users will see for an unlaunched WiscWeb site

Why am I seeing this message?

You are seeing this message because your site is currently in an unlaunched state. As stated above, a site remains in an unlaunched state while it still has the *.wiscweb.wisc.edu URL. To launch your site, follow these steps:
  1. Review and address items in the Prelaunch List to make certain your site is ready to go live.

  2. Fill out the Launch Request Form to specify your desired domain name, as well as your launch date.
    • Please be aware that the WiscWeb service requires a two-week notice to launch your site.

  3. On the day of your launch, you will be notified that your site has launched. Please be sure to check your site for any inconsistencies.

What should I do if I keep seeing the message?

Once your site is launched, the banner message should disappear. However if it doesn't, contact help@doit.wisc.edu so that the WiscWeb team can look into the issue.


  • Site admins and editors should still log in at https://wiscweb.wisc.edu/wp-admin and select their site from the My Sites drop down in the upper left.
  • When a launch request is submitted, the requested domain will need to be approved before it can be used. If the domain is not approved, the WiscWeb team will communicate alternatives.

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