MyUW Madison - Permission Error on MyUW Tiles

MyUW Madison users may run into error messages on their tiles if they enter the MyUW System Portal ( instead of the MyUW-Madison Portal ( This document describes the error and how to remove affected tiles.

Error Message

When a MyUW Madison user logs into the MyUW System Portal, they will see MyUW System Portal tiles that have the following error message on tiles, usually with "uw-system-..." in the title:

"You do not have permission to access this content. If you feel this is an error, please contact your help desk."

"Error Code MYUW-004: MyUW cannot show this widget, because you are not in its intended audience or because this widget has been deleted."

MyUW error message with an error icon stating "You do not have permission to access this content. If you feel this is an error, please contact your help desk."

 Image of 4 tiles, 2 with the error message overlay and 2 without.MYUW-004

Notice the tiles with errors have "uw-system-" in the title (e.g. uw-system-benefit-and-payroll-resources). The Madison version of the tile should be available and accessible to you on your home page; if needed, you can access it immediately. However, you should still follow these instructions to remedy the situation and reset your home layout.

Why is this happening?

On December 9, 2021, MyUW deployed a new layout service, which is the underlying technology that delivers a user’s default layout and allows the user to add, delete, and rearrange their tiles. 

Over 65,000 users were successfully served this new layout service without any interruption to their MyUW experience. In a few cases, Madison employees have been going to the wrong url for their MyUW experience all along, and the new layout service requires Madison users to go to 

To remedy the error messages, make sure the user is logged into the MyUW-Madison Portal via the correct url, Once there, these tiles can be individually removed or the entire MyUW homepage layout can be reset. 

Users who have saved the wrong MyUW link should be sure to update their bookmarks or the problem will persist each time they enter the MyUW System Portal. MyUW Madison is also linked from the homepage.


Troubleshooting Steps

Browser Troubleshooting

Verify that you are logging into the correct MyUW Portal:

If you are in the correct portal but still see the error message, clear your browser's cache and cookies.

For instructions, please see Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies.


Remove Tiles Individually

Remove the tiles you don’t have access to from your homepage individually by clicking the three dot menu in the upper right corner of the tile, then choosing ‘Remove from home’.

Tile 3-dot menu with "Remove Tile from Homepage" option

For more instructions on adding and removing tiles, please see MyUW - Searching and Customizing MyUW Homepage.


Reset Homepage Layout

To remove all tiles with error messages at the same time, you have to reset your homepage layout to the default within the Settings menu. To review the list of default tiles, see MyUW Madison - Default Tiles on Homepage

Note that resetting your layout will remove any tile customizations you have made to your homepage and reset your display to the default.

Resetting your layout cannot be undone. After resetting and logging back into MyUW, however, you can add, remove, or rearrange tiles to personalize your homepage. Browse the app directory or search for tiles with the keyword search in the MyUW Search bar.

To reset your layout:

  1. Open the Profile menu by selecting your initial in the upper right corner of the MyUW homepage.

  2. Open the Settings menu.

  3. Select Reset Layout, then reset your MyUW session by logging back in. 

Open Options menu in top right of MyUW homepage, select Settings in dropdown menu, then select "reset layout" button to reset MyUW Homepage layout.

Future Error Prevention

Madison visitors who went to historically received a bell notification to go to in the upper right with a link to the correct portal.

Image of Madison user at and notification bell saying "try instead of"

On January 3, 2022, the MyUW Service Team deployed a function to automatically redirect any Madison user to the correct url. Any Madison user who accessed the System url (ie. on or before this date will likely need to follow the instructions above reset their layout or manually remove tiles.

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