HSLC 1306 Computer Lab - Starting up and Shutting down the computers

This document explains how to start up the computers in 1306 and shut them down

Starting up the computers

  1. From the Windows Desktop of the control computer double-click on the "Wake To Windows" icon.
    • The Computers should start to wake up and boot into Windows
    • After about 3 minutes the NetSupport School application should open and start connecting to the clients.
    • While this process is going on you should walk around the room and look for screens that are staying dark
      If they are staying dark here are some things to check:
      • Is the monitor powered off?
      • Has the power plug on the back side of the monitor become loose or unplugged?
      • Is the power strip (under the desk) unplugged or turned off?
      • Are all power cords plugged into the power strip?
      • Is the magnetic power connector securely plugged into the back of the Mac Mini?
      • Is the network cable unplugged?
      • If the Mini is still not waking up hold the power button on the back until it powers off (5-10 seconds), release, wait 3 seconds and press the power button again.
      • If the computer is still not working please note its label and report the problem here.
  2. Now return to the control computer to check the status of connections for the whole room at once from the NetSupport School display window. Look for any clients that did not connect
    Connected Computer
    Not connected computer
    Client connected Client not connected
  3. Press the Client refresh button under the Manage class button in the upper left hand corner.
    Client Refresh 

    or double click on the computer to force a reconnect
  4. If a client still is not connected you should go and look at the computer to see what the problem is. See Step 1 above for what to check.
    Please note that NetSupport School cannot connect to the computer until it is completely booted into Windows.
Some advanced setup Documents with Net Support School
NetSupport School - Web and Application Restrictions
NetSupport School - File Distribution

Shutting down the computers

  1. Make sure that the "1306 All" group is displayed in the NetSupport School window, i.e., that you do not have an individual computer selected.
  2. From the Windows Desktop of the control computer, double-click on the "Set to Sleep" icon.
  3. Return immediately to NetSupport School, click Student on the menu bar, go down to Power Management and click Power Off

    Reboot Computers

  4. Click OK
    You may have to click OK a few times for the computers that may have become disconnected.
    Within 5 minutes all of the computers should reboot and put themselves to sleep.
  5. When all NetSupport School student icons appear grayed out, close NetSupport School
  6. Please make sure that all the keyboards are picked up and mice are put back on their holders.
  7. Please return keyboard carts to the closet.

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