HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Schedule - Changing Dates for an In-progress Term [UW-Madison]

This document explains how to configure dates on an HelioCampus AC survey schedule when the schedule displays the message "Survey Schedule for a in progress term".

A new survey schedule created during the current term will display the message Survey Schedule for a in progress term. If this note appears, be sure to check if it says to change offset values. If there is an issue with dates, it must be fixed before the schedule is published. To fix this error, change the dates on your survey schedule settings.

In this example, a middle of term survey schedule (a survey where instructors receive evaluation results during the term) was created in HelioCampus AC, and the survey displays a message stating “Survey Schedule for a in progress term. Please Note: Due to the current schedule offset values,...”. If this note appears, you must edit the dates on your survey schedule before it can become active.

Survey Schedule for a in progress term. Please Note: Due to the current schedule offset values this survey will end on (date)

Changing Dates

Normally you do not need to change the dates in the Survey Schedule. It is much easier to work with actual dates in the Survey instance. However, in this situation you must change the dates in Settings before HelioCampus AC will allow you to publish the schedule. 

  1. Open your survey schedule in HelioCampus AC.
  2. Select Settings from the sidebar (under Information).
  3. Scroll down to the fields Survey Start Date and Survey End Date.
    Screenshot of start and end dates before editing

  4. By default, your survey will start at the "Middle of the Term", and will end one week later. This date is indicated in the error message displayed at the top of the Survey Schedule page. (September 15 in this instance).
    Screenshot of survey start and end dates after editing

  5. Under Survey Start Date, adjust the fields Offset and Days or Weeks. Select Weeks in the second drop-down menu. Use the date in the error message as a reference to choose the proper amount of weeks. In this example, the mid-term date occurred three weeks before the survey schedule was created, so we selected 3 weeks.
  6. Select Save
  7. Under Survey End Date, decide how many weeks you want surveys to remain open. Then, add the number of weeks to the offset from the Survey Start Date. This will be the number of weeks to select for the survey end date. On our test survey, we selected 4 weeks, to leave the survey open for 1 week after the start date.
  8. Select Save.
  9. After you have saved both the survey start and end date, return to the top of your page. The yellow text box should now say your term is in progress, and the schedule will create surveys.

Note: If you need your survey to run immediately after you create the schedule, you must find and manually publish any survey created from this in-progress term schedule.

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