Cisco Webex Room Kit Accessibility and Usability Information

This document summarizes the accessibility and usability barriers for the Cisco webex Room Kits. The room kits are physical video/audio kits provided in conference rooms throughout campus to support hybrid meetings. The devices support webex, Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

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Accessibility & usability barriers 

The following information is provided to help people with disabilities know what potential barriers may exist.

Audio information missing for people who are blind or have low vision

People who are blind or have low vision will be able to mostly use the speech activated hybrid meeting webex Room Kits. There are however some accessibility barriers that may pose a challenge for people who are blind or have low vision. These barriers are listed below.

No tablet screen reader

The webex Room Kit tablets do not have a screen reader function that is currently reachable by university conference room users. The tablet interface is not read via screen reader. The majority of functions are voice activated. All web conferencing functions are reachable using your computer and accessing the web conferencing web app you are using for the meeting.

Limited microphone control

Webex Room Kit allows the user to mute their microphone using voice command but they are unable to unmute using voice command due to the mic being muted. However, there is no confirmation noise when the mic is muted and a person with visual disabilities is unable to tell that the mic is muted. Unmute the microphone using a button on the tablet located in the room.

No camera control

Webex Room Kit is not able to control whether the camera is on or off via voice command. Control the camera using the online web conferencing app on your computer. 

No captioning control

Webex Room Kits do not control captioning at this time. Turn on captioning using the web app on your computer for the web conferencing system  you are using for this meeting. 

Volume control

Webex Room Kit can control volume using speech recognition but doesn’t indicate that volume has increased or decreased. Webex Room Kit can control output muting as well, but does not tell the user via an auditory cue if this has happened. This can be uncomfortable for all users, including those with visual disabilities as it’s unclear if output is muted.

Video preview

Webex Room Kit can enable video preview on screen, but provides no auditory cue that it did so. This can be confusing because the user with visual disabilities isn’t aware if their command worked.

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