Connecting to Shared Network Resources Mac (Network Drives)

How to connect to network drives remotely with Macintosh computers running OSX.

Basic criteria:

The computer has to be on one of the following networks:
  • on the Law wireless network inside the law building
  • on a wired network connection inside the law building
  • on any other network with the DoIT provided VPN software connected and running- (See endnote 1)

--- The computer must be running Mac OS 10.6 or newer.

How to connect:

From the Finder, click on GO > Connect to Server.
Select the address of the share you wish to connect to and click connect.
Enter your username (if needed) and password for your law school user account and click OK.

***Syntax of the connect command: (You MUST edit the BOLDED text in the command line)***

smb://ad;NETID@128.104.94.IP/share    (See a list of shared drives below)

NETID= your NetID- you use it to access secure web pages.
share= the share that you're trying to connect to below
IP= the last 2 digits of the IP address below

I Drive (Innocence Project): smb://ad;NETID@ center
J Drive (Economic Justice Institue): smb://ad;NETID@$/eji
K Drive (Center for Patient Partnerships): smb://ad;NETID@$/cpp
L Drive (Family Law): ssmb://ad;NETID@ center
M Drive (CAP): smb://ad;NETID@ center
N Drive (Alumni): smb://ad;NETID@$/alumni
P Drive (Career Services): smb://ad;NETID@$/career
R Drive (Personal network space): smb://ad;NETID@$/user
S Drive (Law School Shared): smb://ad;NETID@
S Drive (Library): smb://ad;NETID@$/Library
T Drive (Immigration Clinic): smb://ad;NETID@$/eji     /<<do not copy> (IJC folders within)
T Drive Remington Center (New): smb://ad;NETID@ center
W Drive (Photo Repository): smb://ad;NETID@$/photos
Z Drive (Scan Directories): smb://ad;NETID@

Troubleshooting and Known issues: 
1. AVG (and potentially other AV programs) have a conflict and will generate an error when the student or user saves a file. ("Word cannot save this document due to a naming or permissions error on the destination volume.") Proof: turn off AV program. Solution at this time (6/16) is to uninstall AVG and install Symantec.

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