SpectrumU - Frequently Asked Questions

This document answers some common questions related to the SpectrumU app.


  • What is the SpectrumU App?

    • The SpectrumU App is a mobile application that allows you to stream 50 live TV channels on your mobile device, so long as you are on the University of Wisconsin-Madison's wireless network. No other schools or organizations will be able to use the application.
  • Do I need to pay to use the App?

    • No. The App is provided free of charge to anyone on the University of Wisconsin's wireless network. This also includes campus guests who have registered on UWNet.
  • What mobile devices can I use with the App?

    • iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches running version 5.1 or greater, as well as Android devices running version 4.0 or higher. We are working on supporting other mobile devices for 2015, including Kindle Fire and laptops/desktops, so please stay tuned!
  • What do I need to use the App?

    • You will need to download the SpectrumU App from the Apple App store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android) and have the ability to access the University's wireless network. For instructions on getting the app, see SpectrumU - Installing the Spectrum U App.

Watching Content

  • How do I watch live content?

    • Make sure your device's WiFi is configured to the University's wireless network. Tap on the "Live TV" section of the app OR the "Guide" to view channels that you can stream. Click on any program or channel and you can begin watching live! See SpectrumU - Using the Spectrum U App for more information.
  • How do I change channels in the app?

    • If you are using an iOS device, you can swipe to the left or right while viewing a live program to scan through channels. On an Android device, you can tap the screen while viewing to reveal left (<) or right (>) arrows that can be tapped to page through channels.
  • Why can't I watch live channels outside of the University?

    • We receive the right to provide these shows and the programming services to you from the TV networks, and they place various limitations on Charter as to how, when and where we can authorize viewing (the same limits are placed on any other distributors as well). For some networks or shows, we are unable to offer streamed, live programming outside of the University. We are always working to gain the widest access to view these shows and provide you with the best experience possible.
  • Why are there channels not available to watch on the App?

    • For the same reasons you can't watch live channels outside the University (see above). Additional channels will be made available as able. For a listing of the channels currently offered through SpectrumU, see SpectrumU - Channel Listing.

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