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In order to ensure consistent data across systems, the Business Email Address field in HRS is populated (and overwritten) from other sources. This document details how the HRS Business Email Address is populated, and answers many frequently asked questions.

How is the Business Email Address added to HRS?

The Business Email Address is taken from a local campus IT system and sent by the local campus to the UW Identification, Authentication and Authorization (IAA) system. The IAA system then feeds the email into OIM and HRS with an automated process, overwriting any existing Business Email Address.

As a result of this process, any Business Email Address entered manually into HRS is overwritten overnight.

Campus IT Systems > IAA Person Hub > OIM > HRS

Multiple Campus Affiliations

In some cases, individuals may have active jobs at multiple UW campuses. In this case, HRS uses the Business Email Address from the campus associated with the individual's Primary Job as indicated in HRS job data.

Changing the Business Email Address

To permanently change the Business Email Address displayed in HRS, it must be changed in the source system on the local UW campus. Changes made to an individual's Business Email Address directly within HRS are overwritten with the data received from the local campus source system.

UW Madison

Individuals from UW Madison can change their preferred Business Email Address with the Personal Information portlet in MyUW. For detailed instructions, see Campus Business Email Address for HRS (Madison only)

Other UW Campuses

Individuals from other UW Campuses should contact their local campus IT to ensure that the email address in the source system is correct, and that the email address has been sent to the UW IAA system.

When are changes reflected?

Although in most cases it should take significantly less time, some campus systems take longer to update than others, please allow 24 hours for changes to an email address in a campus source system to propagate through IAA and OIM to HRS before contacting the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.

Common Issues

The email entered into HRS keeps changing.

The Business Email Address in HRS is automatically overwritten with data from other systems. Any changes made to the Business Email Address within HRS are overwritten automatically. To permanently correct a Business Email Address it must be corrected in the local campus source system and then sent to the UW IAA system.

The email address in HRS is from another campus.

HRS uses the email from the campus associated with the individual's Primary Job. If the UW IAA system has not received an individual's email address from the campus associated with the Primary Job, it uses the best available address, including addresses from former jobs.

The email address in HRS is missing or incorrect.

The Business Email Address listed in HRS comes from campus source systems, which vary by campus. To permanently correct a Business Email Address, it must be corrected in the source system that sends addresses IAA.

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