Engage - Sample language for syllabi and Canvas courses using a publisher Digital Learning Tool (DLT)

This document provides example language an instructor may consider including in a course when using a publisher-supported Digital Learning Tool (DLT) for eTexts and supporting software.

As noted in the Engage Best Practices for Instructors document, students have a more positive experience with eTexts and DLTs when their instructors are proactive in managing expectations. The text below should be modified for your specific course to inform students of what to expect if are using Engage for your DLT. Text in brackets [like this] is meant to be either customized for your particular course or meant as a general suggestion.

As noted in the Course Guide, this course is using a publisher Digital Learning Tool (DLT) through Engage. Your eText(s) is/are available from [Publisher Tool Name] in your Canvas course page. We will be using [Title of text, edition] by [author] ([ISBN if available]).

[Be sure to explain to your students why you chose to use the DLT and eText, and how you will them throughout the semester.

Promote early engagement with and navigation in the DLT in a manner that reflects your expectations throughout the semester.]

To access your DLT and associated eText(s), follow these steps:

  1. In the menu at the left of the screen, click on “[Name of Tool]” to open the reading [and homework] platform.
  2. [Next step]
  3. [Next step, etc.]

Please familiarize yourself with [Publisher Tool Name] before the first day of class. Additional resources can be found in the [publisher support site] and the UW-Madison KnowledgeBase.

If you have previously purchased access to the DLT/eText used in this course, it is your responsibility to know the length of access you purchased.

If needed, printed loose-leaf copies of some courses’ texts will also be available for an additional charge at the UW Bookstore as long as you have not opted out. Check the UW Bookstore’s website to see which texts are available to purchase.

If you wish to opt-out of using the DLT, please contact me at [instructor e-mail] before doing so. If you do opt-out of using the [publisher] DLT, this could significantly impact your grade in the course.

If you wish to request an accessible version of the eText, please contact the McBurney Disability Resource Center as soon as possible. More information is available here.

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