DARS/Students - Request a DARS audit for a declared major, including planned courses


This shows students how to run a DARS audit for already declared majors, using planned courses from Degree Planner in Course Search & Enroll app.


For information about how to access the DARS request page in Course Search & Enroll app, see DARS/Students - Start the DARS audit request process.

How-To Video

Reference DARS/Students - Read a DARS audit report for more information.


Step 1

Once on the DARS request page, go to the Run Degree Audit section.

box around Complete Audit Request in DARs screen in Course Search and Enroll

Step 2

Select your academic plan/program, then click "Next."

Run degree audit step one

Step 3

Choose your audit settings. To include planned courses in your DARS audit, select "Previous, current, future, and planned courses."

step 2 with Previous, current, future and planned selected

Step 4

Select a Degree Plan (Degree Plans are created by students as a planning tool in the Degree Planner section of Course Search & Enroll app), then click "Next."

Degree plan dropdown with Primary Plan populated

Step 5

Select credits (specify the anticipated number of credits you plan to take in any planned courses).

Run degree audit with box around step 3

Run degree audit with a box around credit dropdown in step 3

  • Note: Use the "Back" button at any time to review or change your selections.

    Run degree audit with box around Back button

Step 6

Click the "Request audit" button.

Run degree audit with box around Request Audit button

Step 7

The audit will appear in your list of recently-run audits.

Complete Audit Request screen

Step 8

To view your audit results, click the "View" button.

Complete Audit Request with box around View button

Step 9

To download your audit results in PDF format, click the download icon.

Complete Audit Request with box around download button

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