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General Student Services Fund Funding Lines

Last updated 12/11/2020
A funding line is a set of numbers used on forms like requisitions, Direct Payment Forms, and PIRs to indicate from what University account the expense should be deducted.

 Fiscal Year/Budget Year  Final number in the 20XX-20XX fiscal year. (example: 2018-2019 fiscal year would be FY19 for fiscal year 19).
 Fund 128 - All groups funded with the GSSF funds use this number. 
 Department ID 04 - all UW-Madison/Student Affairs groups use this number. 
 Organization 2XXX - Each GSSF group has it's own ID number (four digits usually beginning with the number 2). Contact the SSFC Financial Specialist for your organization's ID number. 
 Program Code 0 - Student Services 
 Account Code A 4-digit number that indicates what commodity is being purchased and changes according to what the commodity is. 

Putting it all together looks like:
 Amount Acct. Code  Fund  Dept ID/Org  Prog Code  Budget Year/FY 
 $0.00 3740  128  042123   0 20 

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