General Student Services Fund Co-Sponsorship

Last Updated: 4/28/2021

The Co-Sponsorship Form is used if a GSSF organization is co-sponsoring an event with any other collaborating organization, even if the event is already listed in another organization's budget. Groups are only considered co-sponsors to an event if they are contributing financial resources, including paid staff time/salaries.

Co-Sponsorships are due three weeks prior to the program or event. If a budget alteration request is needed for you or any other GSSF organization co-sponsoring on the event, the budget alteration will need to be completed prior to the Co-Sponsorship Form to ensure that you have the funds to assist financially with the event.

The Co-Sponsorship form can be submitted via the Co-Sponsorship Request Form. You will receive either an approval or denial regarding the co-sponsorship request.

If you have any questions or are unsure if your event would be considered a Co-Sponsored event, please consult with the SSFC Financial Specialist.