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Titan Krios G3i with FFI and Micro-ED Upgrades

This document contains information about the Titan Krios G3i with FFI and Micro-ED Upgrades, including its function, contact information, location, oversight plan, and training plan. The equipment on this page is typically available for all users in the UW–Madison Biochemistry Department to access for their research needs.

Titan Krios G3i


The Krios microscope is used primarily for single particle cryo-EM and cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) data collection on a wide-range of investigator-delivered biological, (bio)chemical, and materials science samples.


Elizabeth R. Wright
(608) 265-0666


Hector F. DeLuca Biochemistry Building (420 Henry Mall)


The FFI and micro-ED equipment will be installed on the existing Titan Krios G3i cryo-TEM in the UWMadison, Department of Biochemistry Cryo-EM Research Center. The instruments in the Cryo-EM Research Center are overseen and maintained by well-trained staff, ThermoFisher field service engineers, and maintenance contracts with ThermoFisher. Instrument access and training in the Cryo-EM Research Center is managed via iLab bookings. From an initial booking, Cryo-EM Research Center staff coordinate with the applicant (user) to schedule instrument access and training. Since the inception of the Cryo-EM Research Center’s user access and training program in mid-2021, the facility has supported 49 users from 30 research labs (27 users from 13 Department of Biochemistry labs). We envision that with the consistent growth of single particle cryo-EM and micro-ED amongst investigators in the Department of Biochemistry and across UWMadison, that these numbers will increase significantly


The Cryo-EM Research Center develops and provides all facility users with easy to follow instructional materials for all instruments housed in the Center. The Cryo-EM Research Center staff review materials and train regularly with the ThermoFisher applications team to keep abreast with new technologies, approaches, or regular instrument updates that are then adapted to center operations and training protocols. Upon an investigator booking in iLab, the management team reviews the request, schedules a meeting, and determines the needs of the individual user. As a user onboards with the Cryo-EM Research Center, they are paired with a facility member for one-on-one training on preparing equipment and microscopes. Once a trainee has received training, practiced on an instrument, and ‘checked out’ with their trainer, they are designated as an independent user and may book equipment on an as needed basis. If a user has not worked with equipment for an extended period, they may schedule refresher training with Cryo-EM Research Center staff members.

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