All Biochemistry Equipment

Equipment Name


Analytical-Scale HPLC

Purification of fluorescent compounds.

Artel Pipette Calibration System

Supports validating pipette and user accuracy in air displacement pipettes.

Automated UV Fluoresence Microscope

Detect protein or nucleic acid crystals and distinguish them from other crystals or crystal-like contaminants that appear in crystallization trials.

Beckman 45Ti and JA14 Rotors

For purification of biomolecules from large volume of eukaryotic cells.

Bio-Rad Digital Droplet PCR System

To support for genotype analysis, transcriptome analysis, or other applications where qPCR has been used.

BIOSPEC Bead Beater

The BeadBeater is the ultimate laboratory-scale homogenizer for disrupting aqueous suspensions of yeast, fungi or bacteria. Complete cell lysis of 10-80 g (wet weight) of cells is achieved in about three minutes of operation.

BioTek Cytation CYT5M Plate Reader and Washer

High throughput measurement of fluorescence and luminescence in cells, lysates and supernatants that have or have been treated with virus.

Cell Disruptor

Disruption of E. coli and yeast cells for the production of cell extracts.

Computational Cluster

To support shared user access and software packages introduced as part of the Steenbock Biochemistry Library mini courses. Mini courses will be offered to students and postdocs in the Dept of Biochem as students progress, they will learn how to launch larger numbers of computing jobs. Teaching materials will be designed around specific user-friendly software packages (e.g SBGrid).

Con-Torque Tissue Homogenizer

Homogenize tissue effortlessly for culture work as well as pathology and biological study. Eberbach’s variable-speed Con-Torque Tissue Homogenizer gives 196 oz-in of continuous torque at all speeds providing continuous, effortless, positive grinding action.

Direct Detect IR Spectrophotometer

Used to quantify proteins, lipids, peptides using IR absorbance properties.

DNAstar Qseq and NGen Software

Provide Qseq and NGen software packages via Biochem IT. This is in addition to the DNA Star Lasergene Core Suite.

Fotodyne Gel Doc

Updated software and hardware to allow researchers to continue utilizing the Gel Doc system with modern Windows operating systems. The camera in the Gel Doc system was updated to a 2.0 MP camera allowing higher resolution gel images. The new computer configuration allows users to quickly and easily transfer their images directly to the Biochemistry File Server.

GE Typhoon FLA 9000 Gel Imaging Scanner

Typhoon FLA 9000 is a fast laser scanner optimized for quantitative phosphorimaging, ECL Plus Westerns, visible single fluorescence and gel documentation.

High Performance Centrifuge

Spin down culture volumes for protein purification.

High-Performance Centrifuge

It can be used in harvesting cells for protein purification, in protein precipitations and solubility assays, and in clarifying solutions.

iBright CL1000

Imaging system for protein gels by white light (Ponceau, silver, or Coomassie stains) or of Western blots by chemiluminescent signal (horseradish peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase substrates) and of nucleic acid gels with ethidium bromide or SYBR dye staining.

Incubator Shaker

Refrigerated console incubator shaker.

Infinite® F500 Microplate Reader

Filter based Microplate reader for absorbance or fluorescence measurements.

Infinite® M1000 PRO

Microplate readers are capable of measurement of absorbance (single point or scan), fluorescence (single point or excitation/emission scans), fluorescence polarization, luminescence, luminescence dual color, luminescence scan and Alpha Screen/Alpha LISA.

Keyence BZ-X800E

Examine intracellular RNA virus replication and the formation of viral replicative compartments. In addition, the ability of this microscope to perform imaging on live cells in a plate-based format best enables the optimization of dual fluorescence viral replicon assays using image cytometry.

Looking Glass Holographic Display

This display can project images in 3D but no VR goggles are needed. This display would best be used for allowing teams or small class groups to visualize a structure in 3D simultaneously. While it is not as immersive as a VR experience, it would facilitate collaborative interactions with larger groups simultaneously.

Low-Volume Nano ITC

Measure molecular binding events in small volumes.

LSRFortessa X20 Standard

The BD LSRFortessa is an air-cooled multi-laser benchtop flow cytometer with the ability to acquire parameters for a large number of colors. It uses fixed-alignment lasers that transmit light through a flow cell to configurable octagon and trigon detector arrays. These detectors collect and translate the resulting fluorescence signals into electronic signals. Cytometer electronics convert these signals into digital data.

MakerBot 3D Printer

3D printer for creating prototypes using PLA filaments.

MALDI TOF-TOF Mass Spectrometer

Determine the mass of a biological molecule.

MetaMorph Software Suite

Analysis of images and movies.

Microfluidics Microfluidizer

This instrument is adequate for processing relatively fragile Gram-negative organisms such as E. coli.

Multifors II Chemostat

A chemostat allows us to study interactions between members of microbial communities for a prolonged period of time where pH, nutrient availability and washout of waste products/dead cells can be precisely controlled.

Octet® RED96

Utilizes biolayer interferometry (BLI) to enable label free, real-time analysis of protein−protein and protein−small molecule interactions.

ProteOn™ XPR36

SPR optical biosensor that provides real-time data on the affinity, specificity, and interaction kinetics of protein interactions.

Quantus Fluorometer

Fluorometer for quantifying nucleic acid samples for sequencing.

SBGrid Structural Biology Software

Provides a collection of 270+ structural biology applications on Linux and OS X computers. A few commercial applications are also supported, including Geneious for cloning and bioinformatics, incentive builds for PyMOL, and for North American labs, the Schrodinger Small-Molecule Drug Discovery Suite. Allows access a complete execution environment that includes the suite of structural biology applications preconfigured to run without any additional settings. Applications can be invoked from the shell prompt; there is no need to set up additional variables, change your path environment, or install supporting applications.

SH800S Cell Sorter

High speed, multilaser flow cytometer and cell sorter used for single cell measurement.

Supercritical Fluid/Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (SFC/UHPLC) Hybrid System

The 1260 Infinity II SFC/UHPLC Hybrid System allows you to perform supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) on a single instrument. The system supports pressures up to 600 bar in SFC mode and up to 800 bar in UHPLC mode. Switching between the two modes is easy and can be fully automated.

Tissue Culture Hood

One-piece, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel fabrication with smooth radius coved corners, Negative pressure double-wall plenum, NSF-listed and patent pending cable port on the right side, Right side Petcock Valve - VAC, Internal GFCI protected duplex outlets located on each sidewall, Right side prepiped penetration, Power/processor fault alarm to alert of a power outage or micro-controller fault, Unique momentum air curtain for increased containment and protective capabilities, High velocity return air slots, Patent pending air bypass padded armrest, Non-glare, removable work surface, Mini analog pressure gauge, Energy saving features, ReadySAFE™ low-flow mode, StediFLOW™ motor controller, UniPressure™ Preflow Plenum airflow system

Titan Krios G3i with FFI and Micro-ED Upgrades

The Krios microscope is used primarily for single particle cryo-EM and cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) data collection on a wide-range of investigator-delivered biological, (bio)chemical, and materials science samples.

TubeWriter 360

Direct high-speed alphanumeric printing system for labware.

Typhoon NIR

Amersham Typhoon NIR laser scanner precisely quantitates up to two proteins, nucleic acids, or other biomolecules detected with NIR labeled antibodies.

Typhoon™ Laser-Scanner Platform

Typhoon™ supports multiple imaging modes including phosphor imaging, fluorescence red, green, blue, and NIR, OD) and samples types (imaging plates, gels, plates, tissue slides, membranes) — from narrow to very large samples.

UltiMate 3000 Rapid Separation LC

Ultrafast separations and excellent resolution on columns with small particles.

Wyatt Dawn Heleos II: Multi Angle Laser Light Scattering Photometer

Multi-Angle static Light Scattering (MALS) detector for absolute characterization of the molar mass and size of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution.

Wyatt Möbiuζ: Dynamic Light/Electrophoetic Mobility

Measure effective charge on molecule, particle, or cell by combining electrophoretic mobility (µ) with DLS.

Wyatt Technology Differential Refractometer

A unique dRI detector for standard HPLC/GPC with 256 times the detection power and 50 times the dynamic range of other RI detectors.