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LSRFortessa X20 Standard

This document contains information about the LSRFortessa X20 Standard, including its function, user manual, contact information, location, oversight plan, and training plan. The equipment on this page is typically available for all users in the UW–Madison Biochemistry Department to access for their research needs.


BD Biosciences LSRFortessa


The BD LSRFortessa is an air-cooled multi-laser benchtop flow cytometer with the ability to acquire parameters for a large number of colors. It uses fixed-alignment lasers that transmit light through a flow cell to configurable octagon and trigon detector arrays. These detectors collect and translate the resulting fluorescence signals into electronic signals. Cytometer electronics convert these signals into digital data.


Venturelli Lab


The Venturelli Lab is responsible for training. Training sessions will occur every 3 months.

User Manual

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