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Box for Microsoft Teams v1 integration no longer supported

Posted: 2023-09-20 16:07:54   Expiration: 2024-06-01 16:07:54

The Box for Microsoft Teams v1 integration is no longer supported by either Microsoft or Box. If you previously used the Box for Teams integration you may notice that you still have access to it within the old Teams client, but support is no longer available if you experience issues.

This change in support is tied to Microsoft’s all-new Teams desktop client for Windows, which is expected to become the default client experience this fall. With the rollout of the new client, you will no longer be able to add Box as a cloud storage option in the file tab of a Teams channel, which is how Box files are accessed in Box for Microsoft Teams v1.

Currently, this only impacts Windows desktop clients but Microsoft plans to roll out the updated client experience to other operating systems (such as MacOS) later this year. 

While Box offers a version 2 integration with Teams, it has design issues that make it incompatible with our highly distributed environment. We are actively engaged with Box on this topic and have provided them with a list of the changes they need to make for us to enable this feature for our campus. Box has not committed to a roadmap, but we hope future releases of the Box for Teams integration will address these issues and we will be able to enable the integration for UW-Madison. 

-- Box: Admin Box