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Accessing Euler Home Directories with Globus

A brief overview of how to access home directories on Euler with Globus


Users with activated CAE accounts who wish to transfer data between storage locations at the College of Engineering or elsewhere on campus using Globus.


  • A UW NetID that is eligible to use Globus
  • An active CAE account with permission to use Euler
  • This article assumes the reader has a basic understanding of how to use Globus. Please review the Globus Documentation—especially the How-to Guides—if you are unfamiliar with the tool


1. Log in to your Globus account

CAE's Globus endpoints are tied to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Globus subscription. To access them, you must log in with the University of Wisconsin-Madison organization, or link your existing Globus account to your UW login.

Globus Auth Screen

2. From the File Manager, click Search

Clicking on the Search bar will redirect you to a Collection search menu where you can view recent collections, bookmarks, and collections you own or have been granted access to. You can also use the Collection search bar at the top of the page to find available collections.


3. Search for the Euler Home Directories collection and click on the result

Enter "Euler Home Directories" in the Collection search bar to look up the collection you wish to access. Be sure to confirm that the collection is affiliated with the "UW-Madison euler-globus-2 GCS Endpoint" to ensure that you are using a collection set-up by CAE.

Search results

4. Link your CAE Account with your Globus Account if prompted by the File Manager

After selecting the collection you want to use, you will be returned to the File Manager. If this is the first time you are accessing the collection, a message may be displayed informing you that you must authenticate to view the collection. You can select your CAE account from the list, or link a new CAE account using the prompts. Once you've selected an option, you should be redirected to the College of Engineering login page to authenticate with your CAE account.

5. Update Consents

If this is the first time you are accessing the collection, or if you have not done so in a while, the File Manager may display a message requesting that you give consent to access your data. Granting the requested permissions will allow CAE servers and Globus to exchange the information necessary to view and manage your files. You will not be able to access the collection via Globus without consenting to this exchange of information.

6. Locate Your Folders

Once you've authenticated and given permission to access the collection, the file manager will finally load folders from the chosen collection. Select the folder with your CAE Username from the file manager.

Select your home directory

Finding shared group folders can be a little bit more complicated, but the process is similar. Choose the shared folder you want to view from the index then work your way down the directory tree until you find the folder you are looking for. You will only be able to access folders which you have permission to view, which means selecting a folder you couldn't normally access won't work in Globus either.

Caveats and Gotchas

At this time, CAE does not allow users to create shared collections from folders inside of home directories on Euler.

There is a limited amount of bandwidth available to the Globus transfer endpoints, and Euler supports a lot of users. Please be mindful when scheduling transfers.

As of Fall 2023, this service is production-ready on Euler. Contact euler-support if you have trouble with it.

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