Campus Software Library Sigmaplot Installation

How to install Sigmaplot 13 and 14 for use in UW-Madison research.


SigmaPlot 13 and 14 installation REQUIRES administrative privileges to properly complete. Once you have downloaded the software, start the installer right-clicking on the downloaded file and selecting "Run as administrator".

The Campus Software Library supported SigmaPlot relies on a shared 20-user concurrent licensing system tied to the UW-Madison campus. In order to run the software you MUST be on a UW-Madison campus IP address (wired or wireless) or using a UW-Madison VPN pool address (static or dynamic).

The following instructions will install Sigmaplot on your computer, but initially it will only work for the user account under which it was installed. To use the software on other user accounts, either install the software again on the other account, or follow troubleshooting procedure #2 in KB article #49973.

1. Acquire the software.

a. For SigmaPlot 13, download the software from the Campus Software Library.

b. For SigmaPlot 14, download the software from the vendor.

2. Make sure Microsoft Excel is closed, as there is an integration feature with Sigmaplot.

3. Start the installer by right clicking on the downloaded file and selecting "Run as Administrator".

Run as administrator

4. Read and Accept the license agreement. Click next.

license agreement

5. Enter your name and UW-Madison for the Organization. Enter the serial number from the Campus Software Library download page.

user information and serial number

6. If necessary, change the installation directory, though it is fine to leave this as default.

7. Click Next.

custom setup screen

8. Click Next again.

ready to install

9. When the installer finishes, click "Finish".

sigmaplot installer complete

10. Once the install finishes, prior to starting SigmaPlot, tell SigmaPlot where to find the License Manager. Do this by creating a separate configuration file in your AppData directory which points to the UW-Madison Campus License Manager server.

a. In explorer, navigate to the correct folder in your user account:

        Example: C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel LDK\

b. Create a text file named "hasp_107466.ini" using Notepad or another text editor in C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel LDK\ .

        --> Important! Sigmaplot 13 users might have this file already due to the installer, so no need to adjust further.

        --> Important: do not use WordPad, Microsoft Word, or another rich text editor.

c. The hasp_107466.ini file should contain ONLY the following line:


hasp_107466 notepad

c. Save the file. It should look like this in Windows Explorer.

hasp file in explorer

11. Ensure your computer is connected to the campus network, or WiscVPN, and start the SigmaPlot software. If you receive an error message regarding licensing, check your network connection. If you receive a licensing error, please check troubleshooting tips in  49973

Please note that if you have started SigmaPlot client in demo mode, it will keep being in demo mode even though you insert hasp.ini file. But demo mode is fully functional, and after the trial period is over (30 days), SigmaPlot client will automatically use hasp.ini file and switch to full mode.

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