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The purpose of this KB entry is to assist department chairs and their approved delegates to propose and commit funding (i.e., steps 2 and 3 above) using the recruit/retention tool.
As part of faculty recruitment and retention, it is typical to provide financial resources to the faculty member. This may include salary, staff, or flexible dollars to support the individual and their program. Recruitment of new faculty and in some cases retention offers involve a number of partners who contribute resources. To track the progress of these offers, ensure each unit knowingly commits resources, and to assess recruitment/retention activities at the campus level, the campus using the "Recruit/Retention Tool" managed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (OVCRGE). The tool depends on a three-step process:
  1. Funding is requested. Initial information is entered and requests are made to funding partners.
  2. Funding is proposed by the partners. Each partner reviews the request and others materials, and decides on how much their unit is willing to contribute. These contributions are entered in the tool.
  3. Funding is committed by the partners. Once all funding partners propose their funding. A subsequent action will request that all parties commit their funding. The commitment of funds is the key step that allows an official letter of offer or retention offer to be signed by the dean.
In CALS, the primary contact for recruitment and retention offer development is the senior associate dean. This individual works with the associate deans for research and graduate education and business services to make resource allocation decisions on behalf of the college. S/he also coordinate overall startup package creation with the department chair, the appropriate associate VCRGE, and other offer funding partners. The senior associate dean also works with CALS HR on finalizing offer letters for signature by the department chair and the dean.
The purpose of this KB entry is to assist department chairs and their approved delegates to propose and commit funding (i.e., steps 2 and 3 above) using the recruit/retention tool. The process to propose funding and to commit funding are operationally the same (i.e., you follow the same steps).
  1. Enter the recruit/retention tool at this location, This will provide lists of the various recruitments or retentions in which you may be involved.
  2. Click on the request id associated with the name of the individual you would like to either propose or commit funding. (This number is to the left of the name in the table.)
  3. This will land you in the "request information" screen for this individual. You can use the menu options along the left side to select different information about the individual.
  4. To propose or commit funding, click "funding commitments" on the menu at left. This should bring you to a page that looks similar to this [LINK TO IMAGE COMING]. Note that the requested column should already have values in it. The "proposed" and "committed" will depend on where one is in the three-step process above and if other funding partners have already proposed or committed funding.
  5. Next, at the bottom of the "funding commitments" table, click labeled red button. The label will read either "propose funding" or "commit funding" as appropriate. This cause a new window to appear that looks like this [LINK TO IMAGE COMING].
  6. Review the requested or proposed amounts by category.
    -- If you are comfortable with the amounts, press the "=>" button to move the amount over to the rightmost column. If the total is $0, do not add the numbers; it will mess things up.
    -- If you want to change the amounts, enter the new values in the rightmost column. Do not, though, enter a new total; it will mess things up.
  7. Once the amounts are as you want them, you can click the red text button at the bottom right of this window to either propose or commit funding as appropriate. Once you click this button, you are done. You can also cancel.
  8. If for any reason you want to change the values return to step 5. Note that this may not always work. Contact the senior associate dean if you have problems.

Questions about this KB or the CALS process for entering proposed and committed funds into the recruit/retention tool should be directed to the senior associate dean.

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