Central IRB Gateway

The Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards (HS IRBs) have contracted with independent IRBs, including Chesapeake, Schulman, Quorum, and WIRB (Western IRB).

The Reliance Team serves as UW-Madison research teams’ liaison between the HS IRBs Office and the independent IRBs. The Reliance Team can provide guidance regarding submission to an independent IRB; please see Contact Information for further assistance.

For studies ongoing and approved by WIRB as of February 17, 2018, please see the Legacy WIRB Studies page.

To cede a new study to an external, independent IRB of Record – including a new submission to WIRB – UW research teams must obtain institutional sign-off via the completion of a ceded review in the UW-Madison ARROW system. A ceded review application is a truncated ARROW application to document that a study is eligible to be ceded to an external, independent IRB per existing reliance agreements. Start with the initial review page for guidance on this process.

News and Announcements

Training is required for all new users and all new employees of study teams who will be engaged in using an independent IRB.

In an effort to provide research teams the ability to complete the training when it is most convenient for them, we are now offering a PowerPoint training that outlines how and when to use an independent IRB.

If you have questions, please email centralirb@medicine.wisc.edu.