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Module 4 - Tracking Team Calls

Module 4 from Coaching Training Deck 6-oct-2015

In this module you will learn how use Salesforce in the ongoing task of tracking team calls. Specifically you will learn:

Find a Community Team in Salesforce
Logging a Team Call
About Activities 
About Notes and Attachments

Find a Community Team

[image screenshot of Community Teams tab]
  1. You can search for your Team in the Search Bar
  2. You can click on the Community Team of your choosing in Recent Items if you’ve visited their page recently 
  3. You can also click on the Community Team tab and click on your Team

Logging a Team Call

[image screenshot of a Community Team record highlighting buttons]
  1. Log a team call by clicking the button "Log a Call" in the Activity History related list.
  2. You can also click the "New Event" button in the Open Activities related list.
[image - screenshot of the "log a call" form"]
  1. Enter in call # and brief note
  2. Enter in Team Lead. You can also enter in all team members if it would be helpful to track attendance
  3. Enter in Community Team Affliiation
[image - screen shot of Community Team record showing the new call under Activity History
  1. Call history will be saved under Activity History

About Activities

  1. There are 2 activity types - Tasks and Events.
    1. Tasks are To-Do items. They can be reminders to do something. 
    2. Events are activities with time around them, like a conference call, meeting, or webinar
  2. Activities can either be completed or scheduled out in the future
  3. The "Log a Call" form is a version of a Task.  It is different from a regular task because:
    1. It sets the task type to "Phone Call"
    2. It sets the status to completed
    3. Allows you to enter notes immediately (as opposed to creating the task, saving, then re-opening to add notes)

About Notes and Attachments

[image - screenshot of Notes & Attachments related list]
  1. You can attach Notes and Attachments to Organizations, Communities, or Contacts
  2. When to use notes
    1. In general think of most interactions with a contact in terms of Activities.
    2. A note is an aspect of the contact (or account) that may be useful of which to be aware, but is not part of any interaction.
    3. Examples:
      1. The last time I visited Dan, he indicated he was a big fan of football and in particular he likes the New England Patriots.
      2. Monica has two children who have been involved with community shares programs in the Dallas area.
    4. It is also possible to mark a note as 'private' which means it shows only to the record owner and to the system administrators.
      1. Still strive to be careful to not record things that may be libelous or offensive.  If the record is given to a new owner the private notes will be transferred
      2. Examples:
        1. The last time I visited Dan he may have been upset when I mentioned the Packers - I need to be more careful with casual conversation.
        2. One of Monica's children knows my mother!

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