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Learning objectives communicate to learners the specific level of intellectual effort that is expected of them.
Rather than a list of topics, Learning Objectives are brief, clear, specific statements of what students will learn or be able to do at the conclusion of a lesson, module, or unit. 

Learning objectives:
  • Describe the intended purpose and expected results of the course, unit, or activity
  • Stem-from/connect to the broader course goal(s); serve as benchmarks toward achieving course goals
  • Encourage goal-directed planning
  • Inform students of the standards and expectations of the course
  • Clarify the intent of instruction
  • Guide choices about content that needs to be included
  • Guide the design and alignment of instructional elements to ensure learner achievement
  • Provide information for the development of assessments and methods of evaluation

Learning objectives are written in the following format: 

"At the end of this [period of learning], students will be able to [action verb] + [concept/topic]."

Example 1: At the end of this unit, students will be able to design a microgrid utility.
Example 2: At the end of this lesson, students will be able to interpret solar irradiance maps.

How to Write a Learning Objective

1. Identify the topic, or thing you want learners to know. 

2. Identify the appropriate level of learning you want students to achieve with that topic. 
Use the diagram below to help you choose. 


3. Select a verb to describe the action within the desired level of learning. 
Use the diagram below and/or this list of verbs to help you choose.  


Sample Learning Objectives

Learning Objective Checklist
  • Does the learning objective stem from a course goal?
  • Is the learning objective measurable?
  • Does the learning objective target one specific aspect of expected performance?
  • Does the learning objective utilize an effective, action verb that targets the desired level of performance?
  • Does the learning objective align with instructional activities and assessments?

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