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To provide and receive peer review feedback for an assignment, follow these instructions.
Click here (or the screenshot) to watch a Video Demo of How Peer Review Works


Important Note! Canvas won't let you change your rubric ratings once they're saved.
If you've saved a Rubric and want to add feedback, you can leave a comment indicating changes you want to make. 

When assigned a Peer Review, go to the Assignment page and under the Assigned Peer Reviews, click the name of the assigned peer whose work you will be reviewing. For detailed instructions, see How do I submit a peer review to an assignment?
assigned peer review

To preview the assignment and annotate feedback on the assignment using DocViewer markup tools, click View Feedback. For detailed instructions, see How do I use DocViewer in Canvas assignments as a student?

To view and complete the rubric (if used), click Show RubricAfter completing the rubric, click Save Comment to save the Rubric. 

To download the assigned peer's assignment, click the name of the assignment

When the peer review is complete, click Save

 submission details options

  • Peer Reviews are not assigned until after the assignment due date
  • When providing feedback, you cannot see any of the feedback provided by the instructor or other students. 
  • In order for the peer review to be considered complete, you must provide a summative comment in the comment sidebar. 
  • If a rubric is attached to the assignment, you must complete both the rubric and provide a summative comment in the comment sidebar. 
  • An exclamation point next to the name of the assigned peer indicates the peer review is incomplete
  • check mark next to the name of the assigned peer indicates the peer review is complete
  • Make sure you have time to fill out the rubric completely. Canvas won't let you change your rubric ratings once they're saved. You can leave a summative comment indicating changes you want to make. If the rating factors into the other student's grade, you may want to message your instructor to let them know about the mix-up.
  • Media comments and attached file comments display in the same list with text comments.

Receive Peer Review Feedback on an Assignment 

To view peer and instructor feedback, go to the Assignment page and click Submission Details. For detailed instructions, see Where can I find my peers' feedback for peer reviewed assignments?

submission details

To view summative comments, see the shaded area on the right of the submission details page. 

To preview the file and view annotated feedback received on the assignment, click View Feedback.

To view the rubric (if used), click Show Rubric

 view feedback

  • The peer review and the instructor feedback will appear in the same place. 
  • Within the rubric tool, use the drop-down menu to toggle between peer feedback and instructor feedback.
rubric dropdown

Special Instructions for Anonymous Peer Review 

If the Peer Review is Anonymous, you will not be able to annotate the file using the DocViewer markup tools. If the Peer Review is Anonymous and you would like to provide annotated feedback on the assignment itself, you can download the file, provide in-line feedback, and then upload the file as an attachment within the Add a comment space. 

      attach a file to comment

Peer Review on a Discussion Forum cannot be anonymous. 

Review the Peer Review Feedback you provided 

In order to review the feedback you have already provided to another learner in the Peer Review, follow the exact same steps you took to provide the peer review feedback the first time. 

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