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This document explains how the file submission quiz question type works and how to grade quizzes that use it.
File Upload Quiz Question – Technical Setup
Within the Canvas quiz tool, you can create a question for students to upload a file. It can be used for PDFs, images, audio files, video files, etc. Learn more about how to create a File Upload quiz question.

File Upload Quiz Question – Student Experience
This question type accepts one file per question. Students receive verification that their file has successfully uploaded. They cannot preview the file within the Quiz interface, so they should verify that they have the correct file using the file name. Students can remove and upload a new file. 

File Upload Quiz Question – Grading
This question type requires manual grading. 

Accessing the Files

When grading, uploaded files can be accessed for each individual via Speedgrader or download as a whole class as a .zip file, as outlined below: 
    • Click on the quiz.
    • On the right side of the Quiz setup page, click Download All Files.
Select Download All Files
This downloads a .zip file. After expanding the .zip file, a folder called 'submissions' will appear, containing every file submission for every student in the course. Note that Canvas automatically adds the lastname_firstname of every user at the beginning of each file name.

file uploads in order

Providing Feedback 

When grading the File Upload Quiz Question type, feedback can be provided via individual question comments or summative comments.  When grading the file upload quiz questions, the DocViewer tools are not available. Without the doc viewer tools available, you cannot annotate directly on the file from within Canvas. If you prefer annotating the files, rather than providing comments, you can download the files, annotate the files, and then share them back to the student as an attachment in the summative comments box (on the right side of the speed grader interface). When you attach a file, it automatically generates language on your behalf that says, See attached files, so you don't have to manually type that part. 

Attach file(s) to the summative comments box

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