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InterPro - Course Development Questionnaire

As you begin to develop a course, consider the following questions.

InterPro Online Professional Development

Course Development Questionnaire


As you think about the online course you would like to lead, please reflect upon and provide a brief response to the following questions. If you need support, please email For additional resources, see the InterPro Course Development Toolbox.


Part 1: Front-end Analysis


1.     Describe the course you would like to offer online. Provide a 1-3 sentence summary.


2.     Why do you want to offer this course online? How does this course fit into, or compliment, the existing portfolio of courses you and/or InterPro already offers?
Is it part of a certificate series?


3.     What is the overall state of the market? Are there new technologies? An aging workforce? New regulatory requirements? How does this course reflect the direction the industry is moving? Is there significant competition for this course and/or topic(s)?


4.     Who is the target audience? Imagine who will be enrolling. Consider their professional position, organization, industry, and their level of experience with and knowledge of the topic(s). Is it a new or existing audience? Why would they take this course? Why would they take it online? How well would this audience manage an online learning environment?


5.     What are the primary course goals and learning objectives? Examples:

“Employ software tools to model material flow on a shop floor.”

“Configure a building control system to achieve a 15% reduction in energy consumption.”

Part 2: Course Development & Delivery


1.     Who are the instructor(s)? Do they have online teaching experience and/or online course development experience?


2.     What are the primary course materials? (power point slides, video, reference materials, written articles, primary sources and/or industry artifacts)


3.     What are the primary teaching methods? (lecture, demo, simulation, case scenario) 

4.     Will there be any assigned reading? (either pre- during- or post-course)

5.     Will any practical exercises, projects, presentations, quizzes, or exams be administered?


6.     Will any special software be used?


7.     Will there be direct interaction between the instructor(s) and the students or students with other students? (discussion, debate, learner-led presentation, team project, peer review, polling) Would this collaboration benefit from being asynchronous (via a synchronous, or both?


8.     If learners do not participate in any communication, collaboration, or assessments, and CEUs/PDHs are available, how will those be determined/awarded? 

9.     What would be the ideal length of the course? (Consider audience, content, calendar)


10.  Considering the Online Course Delivery Types, which one seems to be the best fit for this course (at this point in the process)?





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