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InterPro - Online Learning - InterPro Credit Learners - How to Purchase, Download, and Install Parallels for Mac

This document explains how to download and install Parallels on a Mac.

Note, this installation requires a Windows 10 install ISO. Windows 10 is available to current students for free via Microsoft Azure. Please see this page if you have not yet downloaded the Windows ISO: InterPro - Online Learning - InterPro Credit Learners - How to Download Windows 11 Education via Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

  1. Purchase a Parallels Desktop for Mac Student edition subscription and follow the instructions from Parallels to download the software installer.
    • Note: Once purchased, make sure to keep the license key in case you need it again. 
  2. Download the installer file
  3. Double click on the installer file to start the installation.
  4. Press Install on the main installer page.
    Image unavailable, shows the installer downloader front page

    • NOTE: You may need to log into your computer as an administrator to install Parallels.
      Image unavailable, shows administrator login page
  5. In Parallels Desktop, navigate to File > New...
    Image unavailable, shows how to create a new file
  6. In the Installation Assistant window, select Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file in the center of the screen and press Continue.
    Image unavailable, shows which installation option to choose
  7. In the bottom center of the Installation Assistant page, select Find Automatically.
    Image unavailable, shows the "Find Automatically" button
  8. Make sure you have your Windows 10 Education file selected and press Continue.
    Image unavailable, shows "Installation Assistant" screen
  9. Enter your Windows License Key and press Continue.
    Image unavailable, shows where to put in the license key
  10. Select Design as your primary use and press Continue.
    Image unavailable, shows the primary use page
  11. Choose the name and location you want for the file.
    • NOTE: Selecting Create alias on Mac desktop is recommended for ease of use.
      Image unavailable, shows how to save the file's name and location
  12. Once the program is finished installing, open "Parallels" and wait for Windows to start up and it will be ready to use.
    • NOTE: Windows may take 15-20 minutes to start up the first time it runs

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