WiscList Custom - Dataset Format Instructions

This document describes the procedure of generating and properly formatting a dataset for use with the WiscList Custom application.

Dataset Creation

Create a new file with your favorite text editor. We recommend using Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for Mac due to their simplicity.

Ensure your dataset meets the following criteria:

  • The file name must match the dataset name submitted via the WiscList Custom interface exactly.
  • Dataset must be in plain text and follow the formatting instructions specified on this page.
  • The file should be saved as a plain text file (.txt, .rtf).

Formatting Instructions

Each line of a dataset is designed to handle four fields separated by semicolons. The following fields are currently accepted:

Ferpa Fullname Protect ; Ferpa Email Address Protect ; Fullname ; Email Address

The last field is the only one required for most purposes. Thus in its simplest form, each line of the dataset would look like this:


Note that the preceding semicolons are required even if those fields are left empty.

If you would like to include the fullname (last, first) of the person associated with the email address, enter it in the third field:


These styles can be intermixed. For example: