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  • Learn more about the status of Zoom AI Companion for UW-Madison Zoom accounts.
  • Temporary Delays in Processing Storage Quota Exception Requests   2024-05-16 04:00:19
    Effective June 1, 2024, temporary quotas will expire and accounts that have not taken action will be updated to have a default 25 GB quota. Learn how the upcoming deadline is impacting processing times for storage quota exception requests.
  • AI Assistant Bots Joining UW-Madison Zoom Meetings   2024-03-22 19:35:55

    Individuals have reported random AI assistant bots such as otter.ai, read.ai, and fireflies.ai, joining and recording their UW-Madison Zoom meetings without approval, which has been a concern for Secure Zoom accounts. 

  • New default access settings for Box shared links   2024-04-09 16:30:03
    Beginning Wednesday, April 17, 2024, when sharing a document or folder using Box Shared Links, the link’s default access permission will be set to “Invited people only.” This service change will only apply to newly created shared links.
  • New Minimum Zoom Version Requirement Effective March 14, 2024   2024-02-22 18:12:21
    Effective March 14, 2024, the minimum version requirement for the Zoom computer and mobile application will be updated from 5.15.2 to 5.17. All UW-Madison Zoom accounts and individuals attending UW-Madison Zoom hosted meetings will be required to use version 5.17 or later.
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