Windows - DoIT Supported Hardware & Operating Systems

This document lists DoIT's supported hardware.

DoIT has two departments dedicated to providing computing support on campus.

Windows OS / Software

The DoIT Help Desk and Repair groups offer Windows OS support for all UW-Madison Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Note: Repair only has restore media available for Apple computers running OS 10.5-10.10, and PC's running one of the following Operating Systems:

In order to be eligible for support for a PC, a customer must have a legal Windows license, which is usually found on a Microsoft sticker on the bottom of the machine or on a sticker directly on the packaging of the holographic etched media. If a customer does not have a legal Windows license, we cannot support their PC.


DoIT's Repair group performs both warranty and out of warranty repairs for Dell and Apple computers.

Repair will not support machines from other manufacturers that are under warranty because this would void a customer's warranty. DoIT Repair can provide support for out of warranty machines from most major PC manufacturers (eg: Acer, Asus, Compaq, Gateway, HP, and Sony) as long as parts are available. For more information, please see:


These supported versions of Windows can be purchased at the DoIT TechStore.