Learn@UW/D2L - Viewing Your Progress in a Course

You can view your progress in a course you are enrolled in from either within the course or the org. home page (My Home):

To do so, select Progress from the drop-down at the right of the minibar.

Note: If you are at the Org. Home Page and do not see the Progress menu item, you campus has not been set up to allow viewing your progress from the Org. Home Page and you will have to view your progress from within a course.

If you are in a course, you can view your progress for that particular course.

If you are at the Org. Home Page, you can view your progress from any course you are enrolled in. If you are enrolled in course other than the course displayed near the top and want to view your progress for that course, scroll down until you see your course and then click on the course link.

Progress for Selected Course

The Summary report provides updates from all of the reports over the Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or All time.  Click one of these buttons near the upper right corner to select the desired time span (dark background indicates selected):

Time Span Selector

Hover your mouse over a bar under "Grades" near the top to view the corresponding Grade item name and percent value.

To bring up one of the other available 9 reports, click on one of the report buttons below the "Summary" button.

Report Buttons

(Note: If a button for a specific report is not available, your instructor has set the report to not display.)

Example reports are displayed below:

Click-able links (turquoise colored) within each report allow you to drill down to obtain more detailed information described in the table below:

 Report  Link Form
Information Displayed
Grades x Items
Grades for Grade items within Grade categories
Objectives x Activities, y Objectives
Information about Activities and other Learning Objections within Learning Objectives
Content  x Topics, y Modules
Statistics for Content topics and other modules within Content modules
Discussions  x Topics
Statistics for Discussion topics within Discussion modules
Dropbox  Details Files submitted within Dropbox folders
Quizzes  Details Individual Quiz Attempt scores for the Quizzes
Login History
 x Sessions
Information for the Login sessions on specified day.