UW Digital ID (One-Time Password) - Multi-Factor Authentication Process Overview

Comprehensive overview of Multi-Factor Authentication as a quick reference and catalog of supporting material.

Please Note: Some campuses are using local Multi-Factor authentication to access protected systems and have different processes.
Presently these campuses are:

  • UW Eau Claire
  • UW Madison
  • UW Platteville
  • UW River Falls
  • UW Stout
  • UW Superior
If you are at any of those campuses please click here for more information.

Multi-Factor Authentication Process Areas:

  1. Requesting a One-Time Password Device
  2. Accessing Protected Systems with Multi-Factor Authentication
  3. Contingency Access:  One-Time Password Device Issues

Requesting a One-Time Password Device:

Core protected system users need to have been assigned a one-time password (OTP) device to access these systems. Listed below are corresponding KB articles relating to the Multi-Factor Authentication request process.

Requesting a One Time Password (OTP) for Authentication
How do I find out who my Local Registration Authority (LRA) is?
Credential / ID Verification Process for a One Time Password (OTP) Request
Smart Phone OTP Application Information
Testing your OTP Key Fob or Smartphone Application
Changing your One Time Password Device from Smart Phone / Hardware Fob to the Alternate Method
Cancelling an Existing Request for a One Time Password (OTP) (for either a fob or smartphone)
Credential / ID Verification and Activate / Assign a REMOTE Customer's One Time Password