Departmental Support - SOAR - Printing via Google Cloud Print from the Chrome browser

This document describes the process for printing SOAR documents via Google Chrome and Google Cloud Print

Printing to a SOAR Cloud Printer from Google Chrome

  1. If you have not already been granted access to a SOAR Google Cloud Print group please follow the instructions in KB document [Link for document 40157 is unavailable at this time.] to request access to the appropriate SOAR advising room.

  2. Sign into Cloud Print using the or Google account that was granted access. If signing in with your NetID you will be redirected to the UW NetID login page following the Google login page.
    Chrome printing screenshot 1

  3. When you would like to print click the Customize and control Google Chrome menu at the upper right.
    Chrome printing screenshot 2

  4. Click Print.
    Chrome printing screenshot 3

  5. Click Change to select a different printer.
    Chrome printing screenshot 4

  6. Available SOAR Cloud Print printers will appear at the bottom of the Select a destination dialog box. Click the Cloud Printer you would like to print to.
    Chrome printing screenshot 5

  7. Click Print in the Print dialog box to send your print job to the printer.