Office 365 - Calendar Invitations Received by an Account that is Forwarded

This document explains the behavior when an invitation is received by an account that is set to forward to another account.

Within Outlook on the web, there is an option to keep a copy of the message in your account when setting the forward. This option will impact the way invitations are processed. To verify if your account is being forwarded, or to set up a forward, please see Office 365 - Set/Manage a Forward on a NetID or Service Account.

Forwarding to an account within Office 365 (i.e., another Wisc account)

Forwarding to an account outside of Office 365 (e.g., Gmail)

Note: If you are a heavy calendar user, forwarding outside of Office 365 is not recommended. When an event is forwarded outside of Office 365, the external system (such as Gmail) does not recognize who the organizer is. Any action taken by the external system user will not be reflected back to the organizer's original invitation.