LabArchives: Linking to information inside a notebook

LabArchives allows you to create links to information in other entries inside a notebook.

You can create a link to an existing entry from within all entry types (rich text, widget, attachment, etc.). This may be useful for documenting the relationship between entries, e.g., to connect a data file in one entry to the protocol described in another entry.

Click on edit links near the upper left of the entry.


In the window that appears, select "Page or entry in this notebook", then click the browse button.


From the list, select the page or entry you'd like to link to. Then click on the link to button in the upper left corner.


To finish and save, click the add link button and then click close. Your link will appear in the upper right corner of the entry, next to the link icon. Hovering over the icon allows you to view the link.