AdvisorList Utility - First Login

This document explains how to log into the AdvisorList Utility for the first time, view advisees and name advisee lists.

  1. Navigate to the following site Log in with your NetID and password.
  2. Once logged in, the following welcome page should appear:

    You should see a welcome screen with a Continue and Enter another NetID option.

  3. Click the Continue button and the advisees that are currently logged in the system will be listed. There is the option to sort by full username.

  4. Click the Continue button and a screen confirming your email address, as the administrator, appears. Should you wish to send email to the list from another email address, enter that address here. All email addresses which you would like to use to send emails to the list must be registered.

    By default, the address you just entered will also receive the list's email. By checking the box at the right of the address, you can stop list delivery to it. Then click the Continue button.

  5. To name the list, simply enter an appropriate name in the window and click the Create The List button.

  6. The following confirmation should appear:

    Operation: SUCCESS