Engage - Library View

This document describes the Engage Library view for both instructors and students. This is the screen that is shown when you first launch Engage.

Instructors and students have mostly the same view of Engage. Instructors have a few additional features accessible via the gear icon which accesses the instructor tools menu and the View analytics button below each eText.

Menu Bar

The menu bar is located across the top of your Engage viewer. To the left is a dropdown menu of each term for which you have materials in your Engage library. To the right of the menu bar are the lightning bolt, search, gear (for instructors), and user initial buttons:

Screenshot showing the Engage library menu including the term selection, lightning bolt button, search, gear icon (for insructors), and user initial button

Content Library

Under the menu bar is the content library for the term you have selected. Materials are sorted into rows by course. There is a black header for each set of materials that details the subject and course number. The instructor of record is noted at the far right of the row:

Engage library view with the menu at the top, and the course and eTexts below including the "View analytics" button for instructors below each eText

The View Analytics button is only displayed to instructors. Clicking it will show you more detailed information on which parts of the eText your students are reading. For more information, please see Engage - Engage eText Analytics.