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  • Do you have a question for the IRB or the IRB Office?   May 21, 2015, 2:14 PM CDT

    There are many ways to reach us to get the information you need!

  • Health Sciences IRBs for Beginners Workshops   Oct 6, 2015, 10:56 AM CDT

    The Health Sciences IRBs for Beginners Workshop provides training on the HS IRB’s processes and ARROW application system. The two-hour workshop is held four times a year in the HSLC computer lab and is designed to give participants an introduction to the HS IRB structure, regulatory approval process, HS IRB Office resources, and ARROW electronic submission system.

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About the HS IRBs

The Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards Office is home to two of the three IRBs on campus: the Health Sciences IRB (HS-IRB) and the Minimal Risk IRB (MR-IRB). See More

IRB Reliance & Collaborative Research

Multisite research resources on the HS-IRBs website have been moved and reorganized. These changes are being made to reflect the growing number of IRB reliance agreements in which the HS-IRBs participate as well as updated resources regarding all aspects of IRB reliance. Part of this change is renaming of the multisite research page, which is now called IRB Reliance Basics. This name change is occurring to keep the HS-IRBs website in step with national trends regarding how agreements among IRBs are described. If you have questions about these changes or any IRB reliance issues, please contact the HS-IRBs Reliance Team (