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Health Sciences IRBs for Beginners Workshops

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The Health Sciences IRBs for Beginners Workshop provides training on the HS IRB’s processes and ARROW application system. The two-hour workshop is held four times a year in the HSLC computer lab and is designed to give participants an introduction to the HS IRB structure, regulatory approval process, HS IRB Office resources, and ARROW electronic submission system.

The workshop is meant for individuals new to the UW IRB process or for those looking for help on how to effectively submit an IRB application.  The workshop is broken down into two one-hour sessions meant to provide the regulatory framework and technical skills to submit an application.

The first hour of training provides participants with an overview of the regulatory requirements for IRB approval. This includes a walkthrough of the research regulations that apply to all studies, the HS IRB process from pre-review through IRB review, and post-approval procedures. The goal of the first hour of training is to help participants understand the IRB application process and assist participants in submitting high quality applications.

The second hour of training is dedicated to the resources available from the HS IRBs Office and a walkthrough of the ARROW application system. This includes hands on ARROW training where participants are given access to the ARROW training site and are guided through the ARROW log in process, the ARROW workspaces, and how to submit an IRB Initial Application, Change of Protocol, Continuing Review, and Reportable Event. The goal of the second hour of training is to help participants effectively use the HS IRBs resources, navigate the ARROW application system, and submit a complete IRB application.

The next workshops will be held:

Monday, November 2nd from 9:00 to 11:00 AM (HSLC 2121)
Tuesday, November 3rd from 2:00 to 4:00 PM (HSLC 2121)

Space is limited to the first 20 interested participants and registration is required.  Click here to register for the Monday, November 2nd workshop.  Click here to register for the Tuesday, November 3rd workshop.  If you have questions or issues registering, please email Jake Rome at jarome@medicine.wisc.edu.

The HS IRB Office will also consider requests from study teams or departments to present the IRB for Beginners Workshop outside of the regularly scheduled quarterly sessions. A minimum number of participants would be required. Please contact Jake Rome at jarome@medicine.wisc.edu to request additional information on setting up a Workshop presentation. The IRB Office also presents on topics of interest to study teams, departments, and classes. Presentation requests can be made through our [Link for document 18204 is unavailable at this time.].

-- HSIRB: Molly Lumley

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