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How to Submit a Request to Cede or Defer IRB Review to Another IRB

Version date: July 2017

What is the process for requesting deferral of IRB review?

In some cases, the HS-IRBs may agree to cede IRB oversight to another institution's IRB. Study teams who wish to request the HS-IRBs consider relying on another IRB to provided oversight must submit a formal request. The request process existing IRB reliance partnerships (e.g., Meriter) differs from that for other IRB reliance requests, so please carefully review the information below when preparing your request.  If you have questions about submitting a request to cede IRB review to another IRB, please contact the Reliance Team for assistance. 

For requests to Meriter Hospital:
Step 1: Determine whether your study may qualify for review by Meriter Hospital's IRB by reviewing the Guidance on the the UnityPoint Health - Meriter & UW IRB Partnership .
Step 2: If Meriter will be the likely IRB of record for your study, do not submit anything through ARROW. The reliance request and any supporting documents (e.g. IRB forms) must be completed through Meriter’s online submission system, iRIS. See Instructions for Using the UnityPoint Health - Meriter & UW IRB Partnership for specific instructions.

For requests to rely on any other IRB not part of an existing IRB reliance agreement:
Step 1: Review Guidelines for Ceding IRB Review to an External IRB  to determine whether your study may qualify for oversight by another IRB.  Study teams are encouraged to consult with the HS IRBs' Reliance Team in determining whether their study qualifies for review by another IRB.
Step 2: If it appears that your study may qualify for review by another IRB, contact the proposed IRB of record to inquire whether they are willing to serve as the IRB of record for the study. Not all IRBs will agree to serve as IRB of record for another institution. You should not proceed to step 3 until the proposed IRB of record has indicated it is amenable to assuming IRB oversight.
Step 3: Create a new IRB application in ARROW. Complete the first section of the IRB application in ARROW as you would for any other study.
Step 4: When you reach the second section of the application – Application Type – select the Request for Deferral of IRB Oversight option. This will direct you to additional pages in application that will need to be completed.

How long does it take for a request for review by another IRB to be processed?
How long it takes to finalize an agreement to cede IRB review for a study can vary widely. Study teams can generally expect the following:
  • Requests to cede IRB oversight to another institution are typically reviewed by IRB staff within 1 week of receipt. IRB staff assess all requests for reliance on another IRB to determine whether IRB oversight can be ceded to another institution. The study team will be informed as to whether the IRB reliance agreement can proceed or if an IRB application will need to be submitted to the HS-IRBs.
  • Ceding IRB review to Meriter can typically be completed in a month or less, depending on the complexity of the study and the materials that need to be reviewed before a deferral decision can be made.
  • Agreement to ceded review to any other IRB outside Meriter or other existing IRB reliance partnership often take longer because additional time is needed to develop an IRB authorization agreement (IAA) and obtain signatures at each institution. This process can take as little as a couple weeks to as many as several months to complete.  As a result, study team should keep in mind that the turnaround time for IRB reliance may NOT be faster than that for obtaining IRB approval through the HS IRBs.
Study teams are advised to keep these time frames in mind when considering requesting ceding of IRB review to another IRB and plan accordingly.

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