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What if I can't find someone I need to add to a protocol?

What to do if you can't find someone in ARROW

If you have searched for someone and his/her name does not appear as a registered user, please review the following steps:

1. Make sure the person has a NetID and password. To become a registered used in ARROW, a person will first need to obtain a NetID and password.  Instructions for doing so are available in the Accessing Arrow and the NetID Process document.  If you are not sure whether someone has a NetID, you can search for that person on the NetID lookup page or call DoIT at 608-264-4357.

2. Register the NetID in ARROW, if necessary.  If someone has just obtained a NetID and password or already has one but just doesn't appear in ARROW, use the Register NetID activity (found in the parent study workspace) to register the user in ARROW:



3. Verify that the personnel are being added to the correct page of the application.  If this person is still not found, please ensure you are adding them to the "Study Team" page under 3.1 or 3.2. You cannot assign a person roles on the "Study Team: Roles" page until they have been added to the study on a previous page.

4. Follow additional steps as needed for personnel external to the UW/UWHC/Madison VA.  To be listed as key personnel on a UW-Madison protocol, external personnel also need to obtain a NetID and password.  After a NetID and password has been obtained, please consult the relevant documents for adding external personnel (UW-Madison IRB of Record or UW-Madison Not IRB of Record).

Do I need to register the NetIDs for all key personnel listed on a protocol?

No, you only need to use the Register NetID activity for personnel who do not appear in the list of registered ARROW users.  Personnel who appear on the list have already been registered.

Do NetIDs have to be registered each time for every new protocol?

No, once a NetID has been registered in ARROW, it does not need to be registered again.

Are UW Health personnel considered external personnel?

No, UW Health personnel can be added to ARROW following the same process described above for adding other UW/UWHC/VA personnel to ARROW.  Do NOT use the "Edit External Personnel" to register UW Health personnel or other UW/UWHC/VA personnel to ARROW.

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