UW-Madison - IT - Guest NetID Policy

The Guest NetID Policy applies to faculty, staff and student employees who are issuing Guest NetIDs, and to the guests who are receiving a Guest NetID.

University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty, staff and students are issued a NetID in order to obtain access to the campus network. Guests at UW-Madison also require network access in order to do their work while visiting. Examples of guests who may desire network access include conference and meeting attendees, seminar speakers, and others who visit the campus for a short period of time. For guests who will reside on the Madison campus for a longer period of time, the Special Authorization System allows these individuals special authorization to UW-Madison systems and services.

Guests requiring temporary guest NetID can obtain them from an authorized UW-Madison employee. The following guidelines only apply to temporary guest NetIDs issued to persons who do not have a University Directory Service identity, either as a faculty, staff, or student or as a Special Authorization individual.

For guests:

  • Guests are subject to the same laws and procedures governing access to information technology resources as other UW-Madison faculty, staff and students.
  • Guest temporary NetIDs must be set up only for the period of time that the individuals using them are university guests.
  • Each guest must be issued his/her own unique temporary guest NetID.

For temporary guest ID requestors:

  • UW-Madison faculty, staff, and student employees can request temporary guest NetIDs.
  • Each temporary guest NetID will have the NetID of the person who created/modified the record associated with it.
  • Requestors are responsible for ensuring that guests know the laws and procedures governing access to information technology resources at UW-Madison.
  • The requestor is responsible for knowing which temporary NetID was released to which guest.
  • The requestor is responsible for making records available for audit.

For service providers:

  • It is the responsibility of each service provider to determine to what extent guests are eligible to use their services, and to authorize service usage by NetID as needed.

Laws and Procedures:

Effective:   Dec 17, 2004
Revised:    Sep 27, 2010
Reviewed:  Jan, 2019
Review in: two years
Maintained by: Office of the CIO, IT Policy

History at: https://kb.wisc.edu/itpolicy/cio-guest-netid-history
Reference at: https://kb.wisc.edu/itpolicy/cio-guest-netid-policy

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