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KB User's Guide - Settings Tab - Enable the Email Listener Form

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You must have full administrative permissions in your space to perform these steps. This means access to the Documents, Settings, and Users tabs.

This document describes how to add an optional form to your KB live site that can be used by end users to submit questions or issues to a specified support address.

The KB's email listener tool allows you to add a custom button to the feedback section that appears at the bottom of your KB documents. This button will link to a form that can be used to generate emails to any email address of your choosing.

This is particularly useful if you use an IT Service Management (ITSM) or other support or incident management tool that can create support tickets from incoming emails, as you can have end users effectively start support tickets from the KB.

How end users interact with the email listener

The image below shows the additional button already created for a live site. In this example, the button is labeled "Send to ITSM".

The Send to ITSM button in the example appears in the feedback table at the bottom of a KB document, directly after the standard "Comment" button.

Upon clicking the newly created "Send to ITSM" button, the user will be presented with a form. This form is identical to the form presented upon clicking the Comment button, though it does not necessarily route to the same recipient(s).

Feedback form for a KB document displaying fields for your email, subject, and comment

How to enable the email listener button

In the KB Admin Tools, go to Settings > Notifications and scroll down to the Email Listener section of the screen. Expand the panel to view the available options.

The image below shows the expanded Email Listener section of the Notifications Settings screen.

Email Listener settings with options for site access, email address, subject, email message, button label, and email format

  1. Use the first two checkboxes to enable the button for your internal and/or external site as desired.

  2. Enter the address you would like to make the recipient of the submitted forms. The following are examples.

    • An email listener address, i.e. an email address that will automatically generate a ticket within your incident management or support tool

    • A mailing list, for example, a list monitored by your accessibility team to address accessibility-related questions or concerns on the site

    • A departmental group email address or an individual's email address

  3. Enter a subject line prefix (optional).

    • Enter an identifiable prefix (example: "SUPPORT REQUEST VIA KB") that you will easily recognize and filter in your email inbox. 

    • *Please add a blank space (e.g. click on the space bar one time) after the prefix so a space appears between your prefix and the document reference.

    • The image below shows the top of an email notification with a prepended Subject line as configured by the KB Admin; "SUPPORT REQUEST VIA KB"

      Email notification displaying a subject prefix on a feedback email
  4. Enter an email text prefix (optional).

    • You may enter simple instructions, a reference or elaborate instructions. For more procedural instructions, we recommend you use HTML to style your template.

    • The image below shows the email notification with the Email Prefix highlighted in yellow. The Prefix is Desire 2 Learn-centered. The red arrow denotes the end user feedback. It would be easy to imagine the user clicked on a button that said "Help with D2L".

      Feedback email displaying the highlighted email prefix and a red arrow pointing to end user feedback

    • The image below shows the HTML used to style the content of the Email message text prefix in the KB Admin Tools.

      Email listener settings with the email message text prefix field containing html styled content

  5. Enter a button label name, i.e. the text that you would like displayed on the button itself (optional). If you do not enter a label name, the default label, "Send to ITSM" will appear on your KB site. Short, action-oriented labels are ideal. For example:

    • Request support
    • Report an issue

    • Submit a problem
  6. Specify the desired mail format. You may select either the Plain Text or HTML options from the dropdown menu.

  7. Click Update to save your changes and enable the button and corresponding form.

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